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Comprehensive Addiction Treatment Services for

Adolescents & Adults

The Aurora Center offers a range of services designed to assist individuals in discovering and employing constructive vehicles for self-help and problem solving as a practical alternative to managing difficulty through the use of drugs and/or alcohol. 


At The Aurora Center, our services are designed to effectively intercept the progression of addiction and introduce clients to substance free living.  After assessing substance use, emotional status, social circumstances, and legal concerns, a review and evaluation of available treatment options are explored and a customized intervention and treatment plan is developed.

In an effort to intercept the progression of addiction, and provide clients a bridge to a supportive, viable, and effective treatment experience, The Aurora Center's wide range of services are provided to clients throughout all stages of the recovery process.

About Us

Our Services

Individual Therapy

At The Aurora Center therapists use a strength-based approach to counseling that fosters clients’ motivation and volition to grow and change. Clients are engaged in the development of treatment plans that delineate the use of the most effective treatment approaches and interventions on case-by-case bases depending upon the needs of each individual.

Therapeutic Recreation


The therapeutic recreation program at The Aurora Center provides recreational and adventure based activities that encourage and promote self confidence, healthy risk taking, beneficial relationships with others, a heightened sense of interconnectedness and a well established sense of ones self as a valuable community member.

Through participation in recreational and adventure based counseling activities, individuals are offered the opportunity to accomplish both personal and group goals.  Whether participants incorporate their awareness of differing perspectives of others as they independently problem solve or rely upon each other to work collectively toward a common goal, these experiences that can readily be applied to facing the changes of everyday life.

Art Therapy


The art therapy program at The Aurora Center utilizes art as a vehicle for safe self-expression as counselors work to assist clients in their unique journeys through the process of growth and change.


Through participation in individualized and group art therapy activities, participants confront their experiences of loss, shame, and guilt related to substance use in a manner that non- threatening and ultimately healing.

Family Counseling

Aurora Center uses a fully integrated and collaborative approach to family therapy.  In order to preserve the therapeutic relationship between our substance use counselors and clients, and at the same time establish a multidisciplinary approach to treatment, Aurora Center provides off site family therapy with licensed family therapists.  Family therapists will work collaboratively with the treatment teams to assist in developing treatment plans to address the unique demands substance use places on the family.

Group Counseling

We offer a variety of groups designed to meet the changing needs of our clientele.  Through group counseling clients are afforded the opportunity to gain insight into their own thoughts and behaviors and to offer support to others. At The Aurora Center, we utilize experiential groups to help individuals gain unique perspectives into their behaviors while providing safe forums to learn and grow.

Holistic Therapies


Holistic Therapies have been shown in recent studies to positively impact neurotransmitters in the brain, lower the levels of stress hormone cortisol, regulate mood, and help regain control over body and mind.


The Aurora Center offers a range of therapies tailored to the individual needs of our clients.  Mindfulness meditation, yoga, ti chi, qi gong, guided imagery, and massage, are available as both focused and complimentary components of each individual’s treatment plan.

Our Services
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Our Address

166 South Main St., Unit A

Cheshire, CT 06410

Tel:  203-213-3713  Office: 203-439-2289  

Fax:  203-439-9189

Center Hours

Monday – Friday  09:00AM – 8:00PM

Saturday    09:00AM – 4:00PM

*Crisis Intervention Available 7 days/week


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